Letter: No to state money for Kadlec residency program

January 21, 2014 

Where do our Republican-in-name-only/socialist state representatives get off proposing the government get involved in our health care system? I was appalled to see that our state legislators propose to dictate the winners and losers in the free market by using government money to support a residency program at Kadlec Regional Medical Center.

State Reps. Larry Haler, Brad Klipert and Norm Johnson need to keep their dirty government hands off our health care.

I say let the invisible hand of the free market determine which of the three Tri-City health care providers survives, rather than subsidizing Kadlec.

Kadlec has money to spend building a stand-alone emergency room that makes no logical sense, but no money for recruiting/retaining physicians? It would make Kadlec more competitive in the free market to hire more doctors and we taxpayers wouldn't be on the hook recruiting and retaining employees for them. It seems to me if these legislators were truly conservatives and loved our Constitution, they would propose cutting regulations on hospitals, which is the tried-and-true reaction. And while they are at it, revoke Kadlec's tax exempt status and let it compete like the privately held acquisitive capitalist organization it is. Again, why legislate the market, RINOs?


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