Election letter -- Kennewick schools: Yes

January 20, 2014 

I am a parent and a paraeducator in the Kennewick School District. I am writing to you in hopes that my plea to the voters regarding the replacement levy for 2015-16 be a vote of yes.

As a para, I spend my dollars to provide new learning tools in hopes to reach children in the ways that they can best absorb the information to optimize the learning experience and boost retention of materials they learn. Supporting the district with more resources available helps the mainstream child just as much as the child who is behind. When we can pull a child from a classroom and take the time to understand where that child's academic understanding is, then we have the ability to help drive the mainstreamed children to higher levels of education.

There is a large span of academic capability in each classroom. While we work to support the child who is behind we are slowing down the bright minds needed to drive our future to success. The more resources available, the better equipped we are in our ability to nurture each young mind in the most effective way.

CARMEN LAWS, Kennewick

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