Letter: Editorials criticized

January 20, 2014 

I have been really disappointed in several of the Tri-City Herald's editorials lately. It is obvious that you do not do your homework. A couple of examples are the editorial that ran right before the Hanford Atomic Trades Council's (HAMTC) vote on their contract. Several errors were included in the editorial. But one of the big mistakes was referring to the Hanford Site Stabilization Agreement (HSSA) as the contract that HAMTC works under. This is not the case. The HSSA is for construction forces, implemented in 1984 by the international unions.

The editorial on the minimum wage law states that it hurts the state's economic growth. Hogwash! You based your opinion on what? Retired Association of Washington Business president Don Brunell's opinion? Economist at a 4-to-1 ratio agree that a minimum wage law benefits far outweigh the down side, and should be chained to the consumer price index. How can you move up the ladder when you are making minimum wage, especially if you have children? As retired assistant business manager for the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 370, I have heard the same old arguments against minimum wage for 40 years. Right now the federal minimum wage is about equal with the minimum in 1950, adjusted for inflation.


w Editor's note: Our opinion on the effects of increasing the minimum wage is just that -- an opinion. An assertion of fact can be in error, but an opinion isn't in error because others hold differing views. We did, however, make an error regarding the Hanford Site Stabilization Agreement, which pertains to the building trades. Thanks for calling it to our attention and for giving us an opportunity to correct it.

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