Letter: District creating artificial divide between Pasco, Chiawana high schools

January 20, 2014 

As a proud parent of a Chiawana football player, I was excited when the sports website Max Prep Sports chose Chiawana as one of the top 50 high school football teams in the nation (yes, nation) to honor. They were scheduled to come Jan. 11 to Chiawana's basketball game. But the district postponed this event until Jan. 25 because Chiawana was playing Pasco and having this event would be rubbing Chiawana's victory in Pasco High's face.

This is ridiculous. Pasco High students, parents and staff have been supportive of Chiawana's championship win that I think the only problem is with the district's administration.

The district, not the community, continues to hammer a wedge between these two high schools. At a recent prep assembly, Superintendent Saundra Hill stood in front of Chiawana's student body and said that the championship win made the whole community of Pasco proud. Unfortunately, she didn't mean what she said, otherwise Chiawana's football team would have had the opportunity to be honored in front of the Pasco community. It doesn't matter if you're a Bulldog or Riverhawk. Together we are the community of Pasco.

Hoping for change.


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