Letter: Concrete letters -- Broken protocol

January 18, 2014 

The problem with the Richland School Board members is that they think they own the electorate. They are working much in the realm of President Obama and not being transparent. What safety improvements were they talking about? That was never articulated. Now is the time for parents to start pushing back on this school board.

This school board reports to the parents and the taxpayers, no matter what board members think. They have broken protocol before and that was highlighted. They have broken protocols again. The school board really believes it is untouchable. I have been pushing for responsibility of the school board, and no one has been listening. To think that I cry wolf is asinine.

A number of people agree that the school board is out of bounds and will not do anything about it. Taking down those letters was not just poor judgment; it was idiotic. The cost it took to tear them down needs to be taken from their pockets. Welcome to common core history.


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