Letter: Road work challenges Kennewick drivers

January 18, 2014 

Kennewick Driver Test:

1. Did you see the electronic reader board on Olympia Street at 27th Avenue?

2. Did you see the "Road Closed" signs along Olympia going south?

3. Did you see the "Detour" arrow sign near Highland Drive?

4. Did you see the barricades, cones and "Road Closed" signs at Highland Drive?

5. Did you proceed past the previously mentioned signs and barricades?

6. Did you turn onto Highland Place because you couldn't go farther?

7a. Did you see the "Dead End" sign on Highland Place?

7b. Did you then drive to the end and turn around and race back to where you came from?

If you answered yes to all questions, congratulations, you have won the Dumbest Kennewick Driver Award. Be aware though, there are many, many recipients.

Second Place goes to Kennewick for having those signs up for 3 weeks and not doing any work in the area of warning. And for not putting up effective barricades that would keep idiots from trying to go where they weren't supposed to.

GERRY BROWN, Kennewick

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