Election letter -- Prosser schools: Yes

January 18, 2014 

Residents in the Prosser area soon will be asked to vote on renewing the maintenance and operations levy for the Prosser School District. The importance of passing this levy cannot be overstated.

Over a numbers of years, the state has cut education money to local school districts while at the same time mandating that schools provide more and more programs and services. The state's basic education tax dollars just don't provide enough money for most school districts to fund educational programs and services. That is why passage of the levy is so important for our schools and our community.

Failure of the levy would result in many programs and resources being eliminated or severely reduced. Staffing, food services, transportation and general maintenance would all be affected. Extracurricular programs such as sports, academic teams, drama, music and student leadership programs could all be lost.

I am writing to voice my full support for renewing the maintenance and operations levy for the Prosser School District. Let's support our schools and our children's education. Please join me in voting yes for the levy on Feb. 11.


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