Election letter -- Pasco schools: Yes

January 18, 2014 

January is School Board Appreciation Month. I appreciate all school board members for their generous donations of time and talent for the benefit of our children and our communities. I especially appreciate the Pasco School Board, past and present, and the district's administrators for their concern for taxpayers as well as children.

Pasco School District has never collected the maximum tax allowed by law because they do not want to overly burden Pasco citizens. The district's general fund expenditure per student is below state average and all other districts in their peer group (as reported by the Washington state auditor). Moody's Investor Services recently recognized the Pasco School District for its conservative and responsible financial practices.

While researching Pasco School District financial practices in preparation for voting on the Feb. 11 levy election, I also learned the district has lower administration and transportation costs than state average and their peer group. It is amazing that Pasco schools are able to accomplish this, given the challenges of poverty and second language learners our community presents, while improving test scores and graduating students at a higher rate than the state average.

Thank you, school board members. You've earned my "yes" vote on the Feb. 11 levy election.


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