Letter: Enact laws with care

January 16, 2014 

Letter: Enact laws with care

We are all different, yet we all have a desire to be good, happy and successful. In our country, many think this dream is being achieved, but are we actually floating downstream to failure? With new laws enacted at every level, are the laws supporting what is good, or are they legitimizing bad behaviors?

There are a number of precautions we should take when enacting laws. Laws should help us to be good, happy and successful. When freedom of conscience and freedom of religion are not preserved, we find ourselves facing legal requirements that are not good and will not lead to happiness or success.

We need laws to protect the poor, but these laws must also encourage individual financial responsibility whenever possible, as this is the way to happiness and success. We need laws to provide good health care, but must guard against a new definition of health care that includes mandated contraception and abortion coverage, especially when those laws lead to the loss of maternity care.

We were born to be good, happy and successful, not bad, sad and a failure! Only laws that promote goodness and harmonize with God's law will help us to achieve this goal.

D.P. DILLON, Kennewick

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