Letter: Immigration laws

January 16, 2014 

Less than 30 days into the new year and we already have several changes to the way we apply the laws governing immigration. It would appear that those in charge are more concerned about rewarding law breakers than holding them accountable.

A couple of cases in point: A judge has decided that an illegal resident who worked hard and earned his law degree can now practice law in the U.S., where he must agree to obey and uphold the laws of this country. One would think if he has a law degree, somewhere along the way he would know how to become a citizen.

Now through executive privilege. President Obama has given the children of parents here illegally the right to grants and other public money to go to college. Now he did this knowing there is not an unlimited supply of money for this cause.

How sad that we reward people for breaking the law all in an attempt to buy votes.


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