Letter: Wages of sin

January 16, 2014 

Profit from vice -- I want in on that! Pimps earning money prostituting girls -- I want in on that! Cancer sticks that damage lungs -- I want in on that! Chemicals that render functional adults into nonproductive social dependents who neglect their children -- I want in on that! People who traffic sex -- I want in on that! Squandering money and wasting time -- I want in on that!

Exploitative photos of children and women -- I want in on that! Paid hit men -- I want in on that! Thank you state Rep. Gary Condotta, R-Wenatchee, for helping us better understand what kind of people and society we are going for -- "The pot is being sold, it's unregulated, it's not being taxed. We've got to capture this black market and move it into the light." Profit from vice. Got it.

SHELLY HANSEN, West Richland

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