Letter: Make Richland's concrete letters safe

January 16, 2014 

I am aware that the letter removal at Fran Rish Stadium and Carmichael Hill has caused a lot of outrage with the staff, students and alumni. The letters were a part of the tradition since 1967, and they had a special place in all of our hearts.

However, as a student at Richland High, I have only heard about the problem, and I have yet to hear even one solution to it other than to just "put them back." I agree that the letters should be replaced, although I also agree with the fact that the letters become slippery when wet. A solution to this problem, aside from just staying away from them and using common sense, is to paint them with a rubberized solution similar to what the track at Fran Rish has so that they aren't slippery. Albeit they may look different, but it's a better solution than just tearing them out and taking away almost 50 years of tradition at the drop of a hat because they just now became slippery?


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