Aisle of View bringing reggae, funk to Emerald of Siam on Jan. 17

Dori O'Neal, Tri-City HeraldJanuary 16, 2014 

Aisle of View, a reggae/funk band from Portland


Aisle of View is a band that relishes being a bit on the odd side.

"We're from Portland, where it's acceptable to be a little weird," the band's trumpet player Sabiah Sogard told the Herald in a phone interview. "Nothing shocks people in Portland."

Aisle of View's music, however, is far from weird. And Sogard said they know how to entertain an audience. The band heats up the stage Jan. 17 at the Emerald of Siam nightclub in Richland. Show time is 9 p.m. Cover is $5.

Sogard's bandmates are Brandon Truster on bass, Yoni Wilson on percussion, Elijah Cruz on guitar, Tom McKeon on keyboards and guitar and Trevor Scott on drums.

"We are not a jam band," Sogard said. "We play reggae, funk, and other music that touches people. And we're really looking forward to playing at the Emerald again."

Dara Quinn, co-owner of the Emerald, said it's hard to explain what Aisle of View is all about.

"Entertaining is surely one of the first words that comes to mind," Quinn said. "Sabiah plays trumpet and is very decorative for the band. Her blonde and colored dreadlocks sway as she dances around engaging the crowd, sometimes even within the crowd while playing the trumpet."

Sogard is a therapist/healer by day and entertainer by night, Quinn added.

"Her love for people and joy emanates," she said.

Drummer Scott said the band's eclectic sound stems from an equally eclectic use of instruments.

"We are a family-friendly band that features trumpet, ukulele, organ, guitar and very diverse percussion," Scott said.

Part of their uniqueness includes each of the band members wearing an animal tail while performing.

"The tails mean something different to everyone in the band," Scott said. "The tail helps influence your animal side, or remind us we are only animals."

Sogard completely agrees.

"The tail helps to create balance," she said. "We all have a wild side.

She said that wearing the tails also makes a statement, though she didn't reveal exactly what the statement was.

"Just come see the show, and you'll learn all about it," she added. "I play with a group of really wise guys, and we love what we do."

Quinn said Aisle of View's fuzzy tails do make them quirky, but the band is nonetheless talented.

"The band plays mostly original music, catchy songs with vocal harmonies and an exciting tone," Quinn said. "They are quickly becoming one of the most beloved Reggae-based bands in the Northwest."

Sogard said she took up the trumpet in the fourth grade because the flutes were all taken.

"The trumpet suits me," she said. "I'm as brassy and loud as the trumpet can be, and I'm good at it. Plus I jump around the stage while I'm playing it. Can't help it; I just have to dance with the music."

Aisle of View has been together for a little more than a year. After their first performance at a house party, they've been hitting the road, performing 50 shows in 29 states during the past year, Scott said.

"After that party in April 2013, our friends expressed an overwhelmingly positive response to our music," he said. "That fueled our efforts to share great music, positivity and love anywhere the music will take us."

Later this month, the group plans to release its self-titled debut album.

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