Letter: Overprotective policy

January 13, 2014 

Tear down school letters? Isn't that special? We now have school personnel who dictate what's safe and what's not by destroying school property. So it was decided to destroy the school letters at Richland High School, Carmichael Middle School and Hanford High School, because why? "There were kids playing on them and getting hurt," said Steve Aagaard, as quoted in the Herald, regarding the reason to remove those three concrete school letters.

When was the last time someone kept track of the kids hurt playing on Carmichael Hill? Has anyone been hurt while on the bleachers at a Richland Bomber game? Or how about those wide open fields at Hanford where someone might get hit by a stray baseball? So by such rationale, shouldn't those also be destroyed?

Here's a question. What army did the people who made that decision have protecting them when they were growing up, to make sure they didn't stub their toe on a rock or trip on a wayward branch?

Isn't that special? Now our school officials can protect our children from any harm that might befall them, by any means they deem necessary. Wow! Really?


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