Letter: Why did column run?

January 13, 2014 

Maybe the regular staff members were on Christmas break or they had too much eggnog or someone new is in charge. How else can the Herald explain three New York Times articles, one Bloomberg News article, and one Washington Post article on the editorial page of the Jan. 6 paper? Either the editorial page staff doesn't care what they subject their readers to, or they don't realize that the people of the Mid-Columbia are generally a conservative lot.

Consider the following extract from New York Times columnist Charles Blow's column, "Indoctrinating Religious Warriors." (I couldn't make this up!). Blow quotes the journal Evolutionary Psychology, as follows:

"The level of relative and absolute societal pathology in the U.S. is often so severe that it is repeatedly an outlier that strongly reinforces the correlation between high levels of poor societal conditions and popular religiosity."

My goodness. This makes you want to run right out and buy a copy of the magazine, doesn't it? I may not be the sharpest pencil in the box, but I know drivel when I read it. Please, editorial page staff, spare us this kind of nonsense.


w Editor's note: The opinion pieces in the Jan. 6 edition were selected using the same criteria we use every day: Will readers find it interesting. Based on the number of letters to the editor and online comments regarding Blow's column, we're confident it met that standard. Join the conversation at tricityherald.com.

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