Mid-Columbia births for Sat, Jan 11, 2014

January 11, 2014 

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

TAYLOR -- Jessica and Anthony, West Richland, girl, Jan. 3.

LAMB -- Kara and Dustin, Pasco, twin girls, Jan. 4.

BOLDT -- Emily and Tamrich Perez, Kennewick, girl, Jan. 4.

GUEVARA -- Melinda, Pasco, boy, Jan. 4.

SIVAKUMAR -- Bhuvana and Vijay Murugesan, West Richland, boy, Jan. 5.

HUIZAR -- Zaida and Rafael Ramirez, Pasco, girl, Jan. 5.

BOWDEN -- Amber and Brandon, Prosser, boy, Jan. 5.

GOODNIGHT-DEAN -- Brandy and Matthew Miley, Kennewick, boy, Jan. 6.

DIAZ -- Patricia and Jesse Field, Kennewick, boy, Jan. 7.

WEDDLE -- Valerie and Mitchell, Richland, boy, Jan. 7.

Trios Health, Kennewick

PETERSEN -- Sheri and Julian, Hermiston, boy, Dec. 2.

REYES -- Alondra and Diaz Genaro, Pasco, boy, Dec. 22.

HARMELLE -- Debra and Jason Mercado, Kennewick, boy, Jan. 6.

WALCKER -- Annie and Nate Flemens, Pasco, boy, Jan. 6.

ANKIEN -- Dana and Leke, Kennewick, boy, Jan. 6.

CARTER -- Jennifer and Tyson, Richland, girl, Jan. 7.

GEORGE -- Shanna and David John, Kennewick, boy, Jan. 7.

GARCIA -- Vanessa and Carlos Hernandez, Pasco, boy, Jan. 8.

MCMANN -- Mary and Andrew, Kennewick, girl, Jan. 8.

VAN FOSSEN -- Jillian and John, Irrigon, girl, Jan. 7.

GIESE -- Ashlei and Ben, Kennewick, girl, Jan. 8.

CHAVEZ -- Brenda and Jesus Vargas, Pasco, boy, Jan. 8.

Walla Walla General Hospital

JENNETTE -- Frances and Jon, College Place, girl, Dec. 30.

BYE -- Shakira and Joshua, Dayton, girl, Jan. 2.

TOFI -- Allison and James Baker, Walla Walla, girl, Jan. 2.

ESCALANTE -- Lorena and Francisco, Prescott, girl, Jan. 6.

Good Shepherd, Hermiston

GASKIN -- Elizabeth and Micah, Stanfield, girl, Jan. 5.

DELGADO -- Mary and Pete Jr., Hermiston, girl, Jan. 3.

ALANIZ -- Brenda and Hugo Ochoa, Hermiston, boy, Jan. 3.

GUTIERREZ -- Cassandra and Samuel Aguilar, Hermiston, boy, Jan. 1.

FLORES -- Cristian and David Bernal, Umatilla, girl, Jan. 1.

GUTIERREZ -- Yolanda and Alberto Morales, Hermiston, girl, Jan. 2.

GOMEZ -- Patricia and Jose Rodriguez Sanchez, Boardman, boy, Dec. 31.

MORALES CHAVEZQ -- Nancy and Alejandro Gutierrez, Stanfield, girl, Jan. 1.

PARIS -- Jeni and Caleb, Hermiston, girl, Jan. 7.

ORTIZ -- Beatriz and Danny Covarrubias, Hermiston, boy, Jan. 7.

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