Election letter -- Pasco schools: Yes

January 10, 2014 

Election letter -- Pasco schools: Yes

I urge Pasco voters to approve Pasco School District's maintenance and operation levy Feb. 11. Levies pay for education programs and the day-to-day operation of schools. The funds bridge the gap between what school districts receive from the state and the feds and what it actually costs to run a school. Art, music, drama programs, elementary counselors, nurses, school security, transportation, portable classrooms, for example, are funded by levy dollars.

It would be nice if public schools were fully funded by the state. Then levies wouldn't be necessary. Unfortunately, levies are necessary and most school districts in Washington run a levy. Pasco School District is not proposing a new tax. This one just replaces the one that is set to expire in 2014. The proposed tax rate is $4.51 per $1,000, the same that was approved in 2012. Levies are for learning. Levies support every student. Please vote yes!


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