Letter: Sensible faith

January 10, 2014 

I read New York Times columnist Charles Blow's commentary the Jan. 6 Herald and Michael Smith's response in the Jan. 8 edition.

First, let's be clear about "faith." In today's TV-sound-bite-thinking, faith is understood to mean religion (Christianity). Almost every minute of our lives -- whether we are housewives, truck drivers, scientists, ordinary people or theologians -- is permeated with "faith." Anything we have not experienced first hand but have only been told about or read, we accept "on faith."

Do you doubt this? Ask yourself what you call the basis for getting on an airliner, knowing nothing about aircraft's airworthiness, the pilot's qualifications, his health, or the hazardous weather into which you may be flying. But the naysayers, including Blow and Smith, contend that "faith" is for the uneducated or stupid.

The prominence of this faulty and culturally damaging view led me several years ago to do a lot of reading -- on both sides of the issue. As a result I published several articles about this on the Internet. If you're interested, check out isfaithsensible.com.

The truth is both science and the Bible are true -- it's man's incomplete understanding of each that causes apparent contradictions.

TOM WOODS, Kennewick

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