Letter: Big bang theory

January 10, 2014 

I'm writing in response to the letter by Michael Smith on Jan. 8. He wants me to believe that our society's decline is being caused by those of us who deny evolution, who put our unreliable faith in something much bigger. A higher power cannot exist because it cannot be proven.

Science was always my favorite subject in school. I have learned, though, that there is a force at work that is far greater than any human-based explanation can give. Open your eyes and look around. One simply needs to step out on their porch and look up into the beauty of the night sky or study the perfectly intricate workings of the cells we are made of. Evolution you say? Big bang theory? Science cannot explain it all away.

What threatens your well-being and prosperity is your unbelief in God, who is willing to give you everything you will ever need -- for eternity. Our society is in decline because we have turned away from him.


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