Letter: Reliable faith

January 10, 2014 

It's sad to see the devastating effects on our society of the anti-science attitudes held by many Americans who deny creation science -- resulting in less moral responsibility and accountability, leading to the destruction of our society in many aspects, threatening our competiveness, prosperity, rights and liberties.

True faith in intelligent design is a belief with an abundance of evidence far exceeding evolutionary science. If you ask most evolutionists if an F-18 fighter jet or the Freedom Tower Building happened by accident/chance through evolution, or if they had a designer/creator, their answer is obvious. But if you ask them about a much more complex structure, a living human being, they take a blind leap of faith in deceiving themselves and others into believing the theory of evolution.

Evolution is not built on science, as we are led to believe, but blind faith. True science demands that one can observe evidence to be considered a scientific fact. That's why evolutionists usually say that it took millions and millions of years for the evolutionary process to happen, because then it's untestable so they can make up anything they want to. Evolution is only an excuse for those who reject the truth.

LEE WALTER, West Richland

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