Football: Big changes coming to the SCAC?

January 9, 2014 

While the Class 1A SCAC lost two members in the most recent realignment, much bigger changes could be on the way.

The league saw Warden and Mabton drop to Class 2B, which was expected. But the big surprise is up north, where the Caribou Trail League saw its numbers drop from eight teams to four.

With that drastic drop, Cascade (Leavenworth), Cashmere and Chelan officials will meet with SCAC officials at a meeting in Granger on Wednesday to discuss a merger to create a super conference.

If such a merger were to happen, it would likely mean a North-South alignment, rather than the East-West that is in place presently.

A North-South alignment would likely mean a complete fracturing of the current divisions, something that not many schools are likely to support, not only because of long-standing rivalries, but also because it would cause a surge in transportation costs to travel to Chelan.

Mabton and Warden will join the Class 2B Central Washington League, which will have North and South divisions. Mabton was invited to join Southeast 2B with Tri-Cities Prep and Waitsburg-Prescott among others, but the school decided Thursday to go north according to the Yakima Herald-Republic.

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