Election letter: Pasco schools -- Yes

January 9, 2014 

I am a student at New Horizons High School in Pasco and vice president of our FFA organization. I recently got to help at the Ag Expo, which allowed students to receive information on agricultural science. I met some representatives of Pasco Citizens for Better Schools, and it was brought to my attention that the school district is running a levy.

As a student, I have done many activities such as band, art classes, career field trips and other activities that have enhanced my education. It's been proven that students who are active in school are more likely to graduate and even attend college at a very successful rate. Activities such as these keep kids in school and out of trouble. None of this can happen without levy funds.

This levy is truly important. It helps our little patch on this big planet be prepared for life and ready for the future. Without the levy, art programs, clubs, transportation and equipment will suffer, and it will be harder for students to succeed. I ask anyone who has the right and opportunity to vote to use it to make a better community and world.


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