Letter: Growth and the environment

January 9, 2014 

I'm a retired chemist, but I watch the literature for ideas and promotions. I get the magazine Chemical Heritage for free, but it is a premier publisher of historical chemistry developments and easy reading. The Fall 2014 reviews a book that I think Herald readers should know about.

Sustainable Failures -- Environmental Policy and Democracy by Sherry Cable is reviewed on page 45. Cable heavily alludes that everything we do in industry damages the environment. She says democracy is considered a good thing -- tasks promote growth and protect us from negative growth. Later in the review, she says "growth always degrades the environment." She teaches students to oppose growth and suggests we accept a much lower standard of living. She also says "there is no such thing as sustainable" growth.

As a former Bible teacher, let me quote some of the verses that contradict this.

w "The time will come when a man plants at one end of a field ready to harvest at the other end."

w "All births will be live and men will live long like trees."

w "Briars and thorns will be no more."

It's funny how the Bible offers tremendous hope vs. Cable and her hopelessness.


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