Letter: Foundation rocks

January 8, 2014 

I was extremely pleased to see the editorial board's Our Voice piece Dec. 20, giving Herald readers detailed information on one of our community's finest treasures -- Three Rivers Community Foundation (3rcf).

I facilitate The Beads Behind Bars/Art Connection program for the Allied Arts Association. We have received 3rcf grant money for the past four years, allowing us to have an outreach program that teaches jewelry skills in the Juvenile Detention Center and elsewhere in the community.

Receiving funding is critical for the program to exist, but as an encore to the editorial, I would like to let the community know that 3rcf goes way beyond the funding to provide support to each recipient throughout the year. The foundation sponsors gatherings that provide valuable information and a chance to meet and initiate collaborations among the groups that serve the same folks.

Also, the foundation is extremely thorough in its selection process, delving into the essence of each program that is granted money. This ensures a wise investment opportunity for people. The selection process is a confidence builder for each recipient, knowing the vetting process is so precise.

Again, Thank You to Three Rivers Community Foundation.

LUCY DOLE, Richland

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