Letter: Lack of recycling

January 7, 2014 

I am writing this letter because I am amazed at the lack of recycling that Kennewick offers and promotes beyond its city limits. I moved to Kennewick a little over two years ago from a very small community in Washington. That community provides co-mingled curbside recycling and recycling receptacles, which are available in the majority of businesses.

In Kennewick, my address is considered "outside" the city limits; therefore Waste Management does not provide curbside recycling. Furthermore, I am amazed by the number of rather large establishments such as Gold's Gym in Kennewick and the Toyota Center that do not offer recycling.

If large businesses would take the initiative, small business and individuals would hopefully follow suit. Please encourage the businesses that you frequent to provide recycling to their patrons.

TONI LEHMAN, Kennewick

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