Election Letter: Prosser schools: Yes

January 7, 2014 

A question frequently asked by individuals seeking a healthy and vibrant community in which to live or locate their business is: "So, how are the schools?"

When quality schools are established and maintained, an economic cycle begins and flourishes. If schools are important to the community, its citizens vote to approve a tax to pay for the school's maintenance and operation.

New families are drawn to a community because of the value placed on the educational system. As a result, the work force base increases, which is a key factor for business start-ups and an essential part of existing businesses' success.

Prosser has long been established as a quality school district and has a no-nonsense approach to spending, offering the highest educational value for your tax dollars. On Feb. 11, Prosser residents will be asked to help fill the gap for programs and activities not covered by state money. These include staff, food services, transportation, general maintenance and a number of extracurricular and sports programs funded 100 percent by M&O levy money.

Please commit to supporting Prosser Schools to continue to provide a quality education for our kids. Vote "Yes" on the M&O levy for Prosser schools.


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