Letter: Social Security

January 6, 2014 

There are only two real entitlements: unemployment and Social Security. An entiltlement is something that has been earned or paid for by the taxpayer or employer and not a government handout to buy votes or democracies. I have dutifully paid into Social Security my whole life. My employers have paid into the unemployment fund all those years and I've collected about six month's worth.

Now Social Security is going broke because it's time to start paying us boomers back for what we've paid into the reserve, get it? If they hadn't squandered those funds to provide unearned benefits to those who would hopefully vote for them for the stipend they receive, these funds would be solvent with cash to spare. Now here I am at 60-plus and being told that what I've paid into for all my life is about to go broke because of this government largess.

I'll never get out of this hole because if I don't retire, which I don't see happening now, I'll still be stuck paying for the unentitled handouts to prospective voters and countries that hate our guts. This is ridiculous! I want my money back! Then there's Obamacare. Nuts!

LARRY WHEAT, Kennewick

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