Letter: A few goals for 2014

January 6, 2014 

I resolve in 2014 to try and understand how a nation as strong as ours cannot protect our borders and only allow legal crossings. It's almost like someone or some entity wants the illegal crossings to continue?

I resolve to research our congressional guidelines to understand how rules and laws that apply to the American citizen does not apply or effect them?

I resolve to explore why a lobbyist has seemingly unfettered access to the senators and congressmen and even the president and ordinary citizens do not.

I resolve to try and understand why when we see a Senate leader or a House leader on TV there is a whole pack of people following them. Is this extra protection? Are the leaders afraid to be alone? Is this supposed to be intimidating? Does this mean to show solidarity? Or does it just mean they don't have anything else to do?

I resolve to understand when a president or other national leader lies to us it is OK because that's part of politics.

I resolve to try and understand why power, influence and money for an elected official trumps doing what's best for America.

And finally, I resolve to work very hard to be a good American citizen, appreciate all of the freedoms we have and to do what I can to help assure our great nation continues to be of the people and for the people.


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