Fast Focus: 'Do we need new ethics rules for our state lawmakers?' The way things were

January 5, 2014 

The question should be "Do we need to re-educate our current 'publics' to ethics of the past without liberal spin." The No. 1 rule I was raised on was "Thou shall not lie." Mom taught that mistakes happen sometimes but above anything else, tell me the truth with no form of lying or embellishment. Once you have lied, you also lose trust. If people can't trust you, what is left? She emphasized that when you did a "wrong" you must be prepared to accept the consequence of your action.

In today's world, people lie, then figure out how to cover it up. Probably the "lie by omission" is the worst offender. Lawyers are taught to do this in law school. Listen to what they and their clients tell you, but then delve into the issue to find out the part they did not tell you. Next, the "psychobablist" comes along and submits the "excuse" for your offense which, of course, legitimizes it so you really did not lie after all. Add to this "we don't know what 'is' is" and "we don't know what 'alone' means;" what kind of ethics are you left with?

We don't need new ethics rules for lawmakers or the "publics," we simply need to be re-taught to tell the truth with no omissions, excuses, cover ups, etc.

-- JIM FOSTER, Kennewick

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