Letter: Holiday joy

January 5, 2014 

In the last two weeks there have been many letters to the editor that were not only informative but fun to read. The two that I truly enjoyed were "Hate speech" by Len Shure and "'Tis the season" written by Kathleen McCaddon! (Letters, Dec. 30) Both of these letters fell right in with my way of thinking and were informative as well as entertaining to read. I believe that many of "we Americans" have had it concerning having everything crammed down our throats.

I also want to state that the last two weeks or so I have enjoyed viewing the national news stories while the politicians have been on vacation. Not having to listen to their lies and endless talk consisting of nothing, along with the fighting amongst each other, has been truly pleasant. It has been wonderful while those little bitty inconsiderate 5 year olds have been on their break. Maybe we should extend their break with our votes that will be coming along this year.


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