Expect normal January weather in Tri-Cities

Annette Cary, Tri-City HeraldJanuary 3, 2014 

The temperature and precipitation should be near normal for January this month in the Tri-Cities, according to the National Weather Service.

That should provide some relief after a December that was substantially colder than usual.

A new daily record low was set at Hanford and another was tied during the cold snap near the first of the month. However, a record high temperature also was set later in the month, according to data collected by the Hanford Meteorological Service, which keeps daily temperature records back to World War II.

Highs usually average 41.5 degrees in January in the Tri-Cities and normal lows are 29.4 degrees, according to the weather service. Normal precipitation is 1.08 inches.

In December the average temperature in the Tri-Cities was 29.8 degrees, which was 4.5 degrees below normal.

The average was brought down by unusually cold nighttime temperatures, with lows averaging 22.6 degrees. That is 6.2 degrees below normal. The coldest temperature, as recorded in Kennewick, was 10 degrees, according to the weather service.

Highs in the Tri-Cities averaged 37 degrees, which was 2.9 degrees below normal. On 12 days the high failed to reach freezing and on only one day was the low above freezing.

At Hanford temperatures averaged 4.2 degrees below normal at 26.9 degrees.

Record temperatures included:

-- The low of 4 degrees Dec. 5 beat the previous record low of 7 degrees for the date in 1972.

-- The low of 2 degrees Dec. 7 tied the record low set in 1956.

-- The high of 58 degrees Dec. 23 set a new record, replacing the previous high for the date of 57 degrees in 1963.

Snowfall was light in the Mid-Columbia in December. At Hanford just 0.4 inch was recorded, compared to a normal of 5.9 inches, in a month when all precipitation was just 6 percent of normal.

Precipitation in the Tri-Cities totaled 0.11 inch during December which was 1.02 inches below normal. Since October, precipitation has totaled 0.64 inch, which is 2.09 inches below normal.

The highest wind gust in the Tri-Cities, as recorded in Kennewick, was 47 mph on Dec. 1. At Hanford it was 39 mph on the same day.

Temperatures for the year just ended averaged near normal and precipitation was below normal in the Mid-Columbia.

In the Tri-Cities, precipitation totaled 5.49 inches, which was 2.24 inches below normal. At Hanford, precipitation totaled 5.38 inches, which was 75 percent of normal.

The Hanford Meteorological Service reported that the hottest temperature of the year was 109 degrees on July 2 and the coldest was minus 2 degrees on Dec. 8.

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