Letter: Dakota 38 + 2 shows hard truth

January 1, 2014 

I invite every American to watch the Dakota 38 +2 documentary, located on YouTube. This is perhaps one of the most important documentaries ever done. I acknowledge that 3 billion acres were stolen from our native brothers and sisters ... I acknowledge 400 broken treaties by the U.S. government ... I acknowledge the genocide of 16 million Native people ... and I acknowledge the largest mass execution in U.S. history ... the execution of the Dakota 38 +2. I pray that every American watch this living history and reflect on the atrocities committed by the U.S. government against our native people.

It is hard for me to find reconciliation in my heart, especially as I watch U.S. politics now, and the continued depravity and evil of a small group of politicians and corporate sponsors whose only interest lays in serving the wealthy. It's immoral in the most sacred sense of the word. I pray that we Americans have the courage to acknowledge our ugly truths and find it in our collective hearts to stop the assault against each other, and I pray for our collective healing that we may come to the reconciliation that heals broken hearts.


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