Letter: Gun laws don't stop shooters

January 1, 2014 

Richard Badalamente (Letters, Dec. 13) and Jane Samples (Letters, Dec. 17) recently expressed their views on gun control. I must respond.

Expanded background checks won't stop those with criminal intent from obtaining guns. That wouldn't have stopped the Sandy Hook shooter who stole his mother's gun and slaughtered people.

Background checks will fail; next will come gun registration, and after registration fails, then comes confiscation. They go hand in hand. If a gun can't be obtained legally, the Justice Department will help, as in Fast and Furious.

The NRA agreed to an "instant background check system" and the officials were supposed to delete this data after so many days. And they delete this data, right? Wrong! You can't trust government! I submit the IRS, NSA, State Department, Congress, Justice Department and president as examples.

Why do liberals keep trying the same things and expecting different results? If all legal guns were destroyed, people would be less safe than now.

Cities with the stiffest gun regulations have much crime and many killings.

Forty-six Senators voted to turn our right to defend ourselves over to the United Nations. That's scary! And treason!

Jane Samples, the Constitution nowhere states, "the right to a well-armed militia."


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