Letter: Use technology to keep pedestrians safe

January 1, 2014 

I feel the pain when writers submit their concern with local drivers running red lights in their vehicles. We take care of my brother who was hit by one of these type of violators 37 years ago. My brother suffered horrific injuries. Everyday is no holiday taking care of a disabled person. It's tough on everyone.

It could be worse. We could be living in my home town of Seattle. There drivers are over the top. A friend was hit in a crosswalk with the walk light on. A driver ran a stop sign and slammed into her. This driver stopped and rolled down her window. She yelled at my friend, "It is your fault for wearing dark clothing!" She then sped off down the road leaving my friend bloodied and in shock in the crosswalk.

Put a camera on every street corner. Better yet, young developers out there get the Google Glasses to stream video to the cloud so law enforcement can access the footage and nail these criminals on the fly. It's time to take some serious action.

JOE STERBA, Richland

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