Letter: Hate speech

December 30, 2013 

To a liberal, any disagreement with liberal ideology is hate speech. Recently there was a big brouhaha regarding comments made by the Duck Dynasty founder. It seems he agreed with the Christian Bible. Just quoting the Bible will have liberals crying “hate speech.” If you verbalize your disagreement with socialized medicine, that is hate speech against the poor. If you are a hunter and tell people about it, then that is hate speech against animals. Not only do the liberals want to get rid of the Second Amendment, they want to get rid of the First Amendment as well. They don’t want anyone disagreeing with their opinions. The reason why they call any disagreement hate speech is because the liberal arguments are so weak that their only defense to these arguments is to demonize the opposition. If you call it Obamacare instead of Affordable Care Act, you are a racist. If you own a gun or a Bible you are a racist. If you are a racist, your speech is hate speech, and we don’t have to listen to you arguments.


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