Letter: Was Wenatchee child-sex ring investigation descredited?

December 26, 2013 

The Associated Press story on the death of Wenatchee detective Bob Perez in the Dec. 19 Herald describes him as "the detective who led the discredited Wenatchee child sex ring investigation."

Was the multi-victim investigation discredited? The AP's summary of the Wenatchee case appeared in the Herald on July 25, 1998 -- 28 were charged, 14 pleaded guilty and five were convicted. Pastor Roby Roberson, an unordained minister, was acquitted in December 1995. Roberson contended he was beaten in jail, and was awarded $231,000 in compensatory damages and $392 in actual damages. Roberson contended his civil rights were violated in the investigation. A King County Superior Court dismissed his lawsuit in 1998.

We may never know all that happened in the Wenatchee case. But calling the investigation "discredited" may be an overstatement by The Associated Press.

LYNN CROOK. Richland

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