Thankful Thursday: Life is precious

December 26, 2013 

This year has been very hard on me and has left me with many to thank.

I came very close to dying last June when I was rushed to Kadlec Regional Medical Center. I'm very grateful for the members of the Pasco Fire Department for their swift action. The staff of the ER who took excellent care of me -- saving my life. The staff of the ICU and surgical floor who provided high quality care and comfort in a time that I really needed it.

My mom (Lora Merrow) and brother (Kenneth Merrow) for all the help they have given me. I would truly be lost without them. My best friend Jonathan Rider has also been a great source of support.

I have had many health problems since and the care I have received from Kadlec Primary Care Pasco, the doctors at 1100 Goethals in Richland, Dr. Gary Belcaster at Lordes and Dr. Michael Freedman at Trios have been a great help.

I'm grateful to be alive to spend this new year with the ones who are special to me.

I'm grateful for the second chance to make sure the ones I love, know it.

Happy New Years!


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