Letter: Unfair trade to blame

December 25, 2013 

U.S. Rep. Kathy McMorris Rodgers misses the mark by blaming "government intervention and unnecessary regulations" for inhibiting U.S. business growth (In Focus, Dec. 15).

It was not that long ago that the lack of government involvement in monitoring business practices contributed to the Enron scandal and Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme, causing severe harm to our economy.

The real reason that our businessmen cannot thrive and expand is our trade imbalance. In October 2013 alone, we imported $233 billion of foreign goods vs U.S. exports of $193 billion, for a deficit of $40 billion. Our trade deficit in October with China alone was $29 billion.

Our businesses cannot compete with these incoming cheap foreign goods and as a result will not grow and thrive. We need a fair trade policy that restores balance and gives U.S. employers a chance to compete.


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