Letter: Different sort of article

December 25, 2013 

The Nov. 18, 2013 front-page article describing Hanford cleanup issues caught my attention as being somewhat different in tone and perspective. As presented, it appeared to be a reprint of an article authored by Rebecca LaFlure of the Center for Public Integrity.

It was refreshing to see the Tri-City Herald include an outside view of Hanford, but curious that the reprint should be presented on the front page rather than as editorial page material.

Fast forward to the Nov. 24 editorial board's Our Voice, where it was revealed that the newsroom "carefully reviewed the article before publication and made some changes to add clarity or prevent misconceptions."

It is not the role of the newsroom to rewrite an authored, published report. This would be a gross journalistic error. While I agree with some of the criticisms of the article noted by the editorial board, those criticisms in no way justify changes that modify meaning or intent to the original article.

The editorial board needs to provide further explanation to its readers as to why the newsroom's actions were considered appropriate.


Editor's note: Rebecca LaFlure's article a was news article and not opinion. It would have been inappropriate to publish it on the editorial page. As far as editing changes, it's the Herald's responsibility to make everything that appears on its pages as accurate as possible, regardless of the source.

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