Letter: Slow down

December 25, 2013 

This is in response to the letter by Katie Moore about bicycle safety in the Dec. 15 Herald.

To paraphrase her opening, just because the speed limit is 55 mph doesn't mean you always should drive that fast. As an old Nebraska farm boy who also rides a bicycle, I also know, that when one is driving on a country road, that one slows down when topping a hill where one can not see clearly what is immediately on the other side. There may be livestock, slow farm vehicles, a disabled vehicle, or any of many other things in the way. Whatever the obstacle, the vehicle topping the hill should be able to safely stop before colliding with it.

In the case cited, the truck was going too fast. Furthermore, I was taught that when I got myself and my vehicle into such a bind as described, that I should go into the ditch on my side of the road. Driving into on-coming traffic should never be considered and could result in serious charges for the driver.

The riders should not have been riding abreast and probably should not have been on that road, but they were not the main problem described.

DEAN H. HICKS, Kennewick

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