Letter: Red-light runners

December 22, 2013 

My observations of drivers running red lights support those of Linda Yorgensen (Letters, Dec. 18). The past decade, I have written several letters to the Herald about this issue and in February, I addressed the Kennewick City Council. My request was that city council initiate a study, if necessary, then adopt an effective deterrent to discourage drivers from running red lights.

There was no consensus for action among city council members or staff. However, councilmember Don Britain was clear about supporting red light enforcement and Mayor Steve Young stated that he would confer with the mayors of Pasco and Richland to consider a Tri-City-wide approach to red light management.

I was invited to participate in a study of the problem and was assured I would be informed of progress toward a solution.

Since February, I have heard nothing from city council or staff. I recently wrote Mayor Young and have had no response.

All attentive drivers know that current interventions are ineffective. I encourage the councils of our cities to cooperate for consensus on red light management that will deter this dangerous driver behavior.

Any lesser action is unacceptable.

TOM STALY, Kennewick

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