Letter: Tax money at work

December 22, 2013 

On Dec. 14, the Tri-City Herald ran an article, about the head of Ben Franklin Transit leaving his job. According to the article the gentleman is receiving a severance package, part of his contract, of four months pay. That amounts to a little more than $40,000. The article also stated that the board felt like he did a good job, so they awarded another two months pay. That is approximately another $20,000.

I am under the impression that the bus service is heavily subsidized by one-tenth of 1 percent of the sales tax. So the taxpayers are giving a person $20,000 because he did a good job.

I hope he was doing a good job, that is what he was hired and paid to do. It is amazing that the board of directors is so generous with our tax money. It's just tax money, means nothing, there is always more. It seems like a lot of people in charge do not realize that they have a responsibility to be diligent with our money. With the prevailing spending attitude of our elected and appointed officials, it is no wonder people voted down an increase in the sale tax for an aquatic center and convention center an expansion.


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