Letter: Vista Field

December 22, 2013 

The Port of Kennewick has decided to close Vista Field on Dec. 31. I proposed this:

If the closure of Vista Field was to allow commercial development, private or commercial investors pay for all the conversion. If there is money required to be repaid for previous runway environment upgrades to the state or federal government, the cost should be borne by the private or commercial investor and not the taxpayer.

The amount of dollars invested in environmental and feasibility studies in the last 10 years, plus the $600,000 each for three large hangers on the south side of the runway, and $75,000 to send Tuttle Aviation fixed-base operator packing are more than enough taxpayer dollars squandered by the port.

Effective Jan. 1, remove the Vista Field portion of tax revenue from Port tax collection rolls and reduce taxes for local taxpayers. No further taxpayer dollars be allowed to be spent on the airfield.

Logical options: The city of Kennewick wants it, give it back. Or place a parcel of land up for sale, sold to the highest bidder, leaving all conditions for development up to the investors, as is, where is.

A win-win situation for taxpayers.

BOB PAGE, Kennewick

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