Letter: Obamacare is unraveling

December 22, 2013 

When the Democrats passed Obamacare in 2010, they promised that the new health care law would lower costs for American families, improve the quality of care and not burden our federal budget. We have now learned how wrong the Democrats were when they made those promises.

The latest Obamacare failure, of course, is the exchange website. After President Obama promised Americans that the site would work as planned on launch date, the site opened and promptly crashed. The website, which ran horribly over budget, is unable to handle web traffic, process insurance inquiries or guarantee even the most basic privacy with our sensitive health and financial information. The website's many failures are so shocking that even the most die-hard Obama supporters in Congress are finding it difficult to defend Obamacare.

The website fiasco highlights some very important truths about government that we should all remember at election time. The federal government cannot successfully manage the health care industry.

As taxpayers, we must remind our congressmen and senators that they are stewards of our money. Wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on a broken website is the wrong approach. It's time for full repeal!


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