Letter: Vote against incumbents

December 22, 2013 

Letter: Vote against incumbents

Once again the Pasco City Council failed the people it represents. The workshop on Dec. 9 displayed the arrogance of Pasco's city manager and his preferred four councilmembers -- Matt Watkins, Mike Garrison, Rebecca Francik and Saul Martinez. They affirmed their support for an $0.11 gas tax coupled to the Lewis Street Bridge fiasco; an annual merit pay budget request from the city manager and his management team ($710,000 since 2000) as well as recommended salary and COLA increases (to bring them in line with other cities not necessarily comparable to Pasco); as well as a hiring binge that is not based on necessity. City Manager Gary Crutchfield holds a tight rein.

It's time for the citizens to speak out. Every dollar comes from the people. We know that government only has the money it takes from the people. Taxpayers have to be accountable for our resources or the government and bankers will come after us. The Pasco "fabulous four" don't because they don't have to -- they have the majority vote.

Starting with the city of Pasco and ending with our federal government, our leadership is failing us. Fire them with each and every coming election. Speak and act out; hold them accountable.


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