Fast Focus: 'What is your Christmas wish this year?' Just say it

December 21, 2013 

My Christmas wish this year is for people to stop getting so offended over people saying Merry Christmas to them. I am so tired of seeing everything say Happy Holidays in fear of offending a few people.

Christmas is about the birth of Christ and nothing will ever change that. People have been wishing one another Merry Christmas for years and all of a sudden it's a problem. It's time to bring it back and just ignore the Grinches. If you don't celebrate Christmas, then fine. It doesn't give you the right to rob me of it, though.

The city of Richland decorates John Dam Plaza very well. It is festive and brings back all the warm memories of Christmas time to the adults and the kids love all the pretty lights. I was thrilled to drive by and enjoy it this past weekend! Merry Christmas!


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