Fast Focus: 'What is your Christmas wish this year?' We need help

December 21, 2013 

My family and I recently had to move in with my mom who works seven days a week to make ends meet and to help her make ends meet since my dad passed away a year ago. My husband and I are both disabled and work part time even though it physically hurts us both to do so. I recently had a car given to me and we need it running but we can't make that happen anytime soon. Having this car running would be a big help! It needs a new windshield, new tires and title transfer and tabs.

For our gift giving this year we had to put ourselves on a limit and we will be making baked goods to go along with the gifts. We spent a total of $67 on all our Christmas gifts and that's for 19 people, five of those my grandchildren. I usually do something special for a few in our family, something handmade and well thought out and holding special meaning to the receiver, but this year I couldn't.

Since I was a child, Christmas has always been special at our house. Dad made sure of that! It was his favorite holiday!


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