Letter: Lies, left and right

December 21, 2013 

Letter: Lies, left and right

An old adage says: "If people hear a lie often enough, they begin to believe it." Sad, but true. Here are some current whoppers.

Lie No. 1: Republicans favor the rich more than the poor. Not true; there are at least three Republicans in Congress that favor the poor.

Lie No. 2: We are a rich and powerful nation because of capitalism. Ridiculous. We are rich and powerful because we are located in the temperate zone of the planet and have vast resources -- conditions amenable to capitalism. Lie No. 3: Poor people are slackers. No, slackers are poor people, unless they inherit money.

Lie No. 4: Socialists are liberals, and Democrats are liberals, therefore Democrats are socialists. This is not a valid syllogism! Lie No. 5: We are taxed enough already. Nope. The rich-poor gap is too big, and increasing taxes on the rich is the only fix.

Lie No. 6: Government spending is too high. Not only wrong, but insane. Government spending puts money back into the economy, creates jobs, funds great endeavors and will ensure the survival of our people. Or do you think our survival will cost too much? Lie No. 7: Obama is the worst president ever. Only true on FOX News.


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