Letter: Not college bound because fast food jobs too lucrative

December 19, 2013 

Letter: Not college bound because fast food jobs too lucrative

As I'm heading into the last semester of my senior year of high school, I'm finishing off my college applications and starting to make decisions about college. However, the recent news of a strike for a $15 minimum wage made me stop and rethink.

College is a large investment in students' futures. And most high school graduates are willing to pay thousands of dollars for furthering their education, knowing that when they graduate they will be able to find a sustaining job that will give them enough to repay their loans many times over.

I certainly believed this, but if the minimum wage doubles I'll be able to make a steady income folding clothes or scooping ice cream straight out of high school. And assuming the minimum wage will only continue increasing, I'll soon be making as much as my friends who graduated from college. Eventually, I'm sure my peers will see the unfairness of the situation, and discourage their children from wasting money on college. I won't have to work very hard, and I'll be able to support myself. If the wage increases, all I can say is thanks, President Obama.


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