Letter: Government efficiency

December 17, 2013 

Letter: Government efficiency

During the presidential campaign in 2008, Barack Obama said that government can work more efficiently and he would fundamentally transform the United States of America. Did transforming America mean government was to work more efficiently? If Obamacare is any indication, government efficiency is an oxymoron.

The Founders of this nation did not believe in efficient government. In fact, the designers of the Constitution purposely designed a republican form of government that was to be anything but efficient. By separating and checking government power, the Founders created a government system of balanced power so things would not get done efficiently. In fact, the government was to get little accomplished.

Government efficiency is about what government gets done. Current polls put Congress near the bottom when it comes to getting things done. People get frustrated when the government doesn't get things done. This culture of dependency is the umbilical cord that the Founders feared and tried to avoid. They wanted government to be an obstacle course for getting things done.

We need to start thinking about the real problem. The real problem is expecting government to do things it was not designed to do by the Founders. So, when government doesn't get things done, I smile.


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